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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any concerns or issues with a Yoga Design Lab product, we encourage you to contact us to help resolve it. We are eager to hear your feedback and will work to ensure your total satisfaction.

Returns or exchanges for purchases made on yogadesignlab.com can be made within 30 days of the order receipt date and if the product is in its original, unused condition and re-packaged in its original packaging.

Items marked final sale are not eligible for returns or exchanges. If the product is defective or damaged upon arrival, please contact us at info@yogadesignlab.com and include the following in your message :      

- Name     

- Full shipping address   

- Order Number   

- Photo/s of the defect or damage

Refunds are credited back to the original payment method in full and should be expected to be credited to the purchasers account within 7-10 business days of the item being received back into the YDL warehouse. Exchanges will be re-processed at the original purchase price and will depart our warehouse within 3-5 business days of returned item receipt. Yoga Design Lab is not responsible for damages caused by lack of adherence to the care instructions on each product listing and included in product packaging, or for expected wear and tear. For items purchased at Amazon or another retailer, please contact the retailer for their specific returns and exchanges policy for that retailer. Items purchased at another retailer must be returned or exchanged with that retailer. All products purchased on YogaDesignLab.com are subject to this Return & Exchange policy in accordance to the terms and conditions guidelines set forth on this page.  

I signed up for a discount code, where is it?


Your email provider may have directed our message into your spam or bulk mail folders, please check there.

How to Make a Return:


Please contact us via the Contact Us page to request a return or exchange, or email us at info@yogadesignlab.com

Does Yoga Design Lab guarantee its products or offer a warranty?


Due to the nature of the eco-friendly materials we use, you will eventually experience some wear and tear. You may experience this within 6 months of purchase if you are a heavy user, and around 1 year for moderate to light users. 

For our Combo Mats specifically:

The mat material (natural rubber) is biodegradable, meaning it will gradually harden in the natural environment. Exposure to sun and water accelerates the biodegradation process. After hardening, the fabric may separate from the rubber more easily. In an effort to avoid using glue, the rubber is covered with a brushed recycled PET microfiber and fastened using heat and pressure. This eco-friendly method may eventually separate with continued use. 

How do I care for my yoga design lab product?


Care varies by item. Please visit the product listing page or your item packaging for specific instructions. 

What is the difference between the Combo Mat and Infinity Mat?


Our Combo Mats are a yoga mat and yoga towel combined. The soft, recycled microfiber towel is heat bonded to the natural rubber yoga mat. This makes it ideal for vigorous yoga practices. Our combination mats come in three thicknesses to suit your lifestyle (1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm).The Infinity Mat is an anti-slip mat offering premium grip on the mat whether wet or dry. A natural tree rubber yoga mat is covered with a PU(polyurethane) layer that is soft to the touch, ultra-grippy, and laser-cut into a beautiful design. This makes it suitable for all kinds of fitness programs.   The Infinity Mat also comes in two thicknesses to suit your lifestyle (3mm & 5mm). 

What is the weight limit of your Yoga Wheel?


Our Yoga Wheels are made to support up to 100 kg/220 lbs. If you are on the edge of the weight limit, we suggest using the Yoga wheel as a prop for poses that do not rely solely on the wheel. When other body parts are grounded on your mat, the weight on the Yoga Wheel is reduced. In our Yoga Wheel Guide (included with the yoga wheel), we provide examples of safe poses like Chest and Shoulder Opening, Plank, and Should Stand.

Why am I slipping on my mat?


Our mats are designed to support vigorous yoga and fitness. The texture of the smooth microfiber may surprise you. It offers a luxurious feel that allows your transitions to slide without dragging. Try spraying a bit of water before starting your practice to increase the microfiber tack. As it gets wetter, the grip should improve.

Why are Yoga Design Lab products eco-friendly?


Our Combo Mats are made of a biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber base and microfiber top. The Microfiber is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are free from toxic glue and phthalates. Our Towels are also made of our 100% recycled plastic bottle microfiber. All of our inspirational designs are printed with non-fade, water-based inks. All of our products are also vegan-friendly.

Does Yoga Design Lab ship internationally?


Yes, we ship to over 55+ countries globally.  Please visit our Shipping Policy Page for specific information

There is sweat puddling on my mat, what do I do?


During a vigorous practice use a small hand towel to remove excess puddling and the comfort and grip should return.

Why is my towel slipping on my mat?


Our towels are 100% microfiber and work best atop common sticky mats, rubber mats, and textured mats. Washing and tumble drying your towel will help to remove any creases from packaging and will allow it to lay flatter as well.

The product I want is sold out, when will it be back in stock?


We try and make sure that all our beautiful products are always available, however, if the product you wish to purchase is currently not in stock, please email info@yogadesignlab.com.  Let us know the product details and where you are located, and we will let you know when it will be available again. Alternatively, check the Contact Us page for the store locator section of our website for stores in your area.

Where are your products manufactured?


Our products are manufactured in China by BSCI compliant factories that promote ethical, safe and humane workplace conditions. For more information on BSCI please visit https://www.amfori.org/content/amfori-bsci.

Are your products free of toxic chemicals?


All of our products are Prop 65 and REACH certified, meaning that the ingredients used in our manufacturing process pass rigorous testing limiting the use of many toxic chemicals. 

To learn more about REACH Certification, please visit https://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/understanding-reach

To learn more about Prop 65 certification, please visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/about-proposition-65#:~:text=What%20is%20Proposition%2065%3F,defects%20or%20other%20reproductive%20harm.


I have a question not answered here, please email info@yogadesignlab.com we are happy to help!



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